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Flexible Dates Available: 3rd Saturday of the month for up to a year

✅ "Achieve Unparalleled Success"

Welcome to the world of transformation and sales influence! Are you feeling frustrated that you are not where you should be in your business and sales career? Do you yearn for wealth and freedom but feel like you're not getting there fast enough? Look no further, as your journey towards unlocking your full potential and skyrocketing your success begins here.

✅"Revolutionize Your Sales Skills''

Introducing "Top Producing Global," a powerful seminar program designed specifically for salespeople, entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, and professionals in multiple industries including real estate, mortgage, financial services, and network marketing. With over 20 years of experience in training the # 1 offices and # 1 agents in these industries, we bring a unique blend of expertise in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Neuro Science, Transformation, Behavioral Analysis, and Proven Sales strategies.

✅"Embark on a Transformative Journey''

During this immersive 1-day, 7-hour training, you will embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your sales skills and mindset. Together, we will dive deep into the art of sales influence, equipping you with the tools and strategies to captivate your clients and achieve exceptional results.

✅ "Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Wealth & Freedom

Also discover the root causes of what may be holding you back from your Wealth & Freedom and learn how to overcome them. Break free from your comfort zone, overcome complacency, procrastination fears, limiting beliefs and eliminate distractions that hinder your progress. It's time to update the software of your mind, transforming your beliefs, values, behaviors, and actions to unlock your true potential.

✅ Master the Art of Persuasion"

Unleash your full potential as we explore the power within you, breaking free from these self-limiting beliefs and stepping into a mindset of abundance, confidence, and success. Master the art of persuasion and understand the psychology behind your clients' decision-making process, effortlessly connecting with them and guiding them towards making the right choices.

✅ "Enhance Communication Skills and Embrace Resilience"

Enhance your communication skills, building rapport with different personality types and creating lasting connectio5s that set you apart from the competition. Transform obstacles into opportunities, embracing resilience and adaptability as you navigate through challenges that come your way.

✅ "Experience a Significant Boost in Performance"

Experience a significant boost in your sales and leadership performance as you implement the proven strategies and techniques shared during the event. Witness firsthand how your newfound skills and mindset can elevate you to the top of your industry, accelerating your sales and leadership results like never before.

✅ "Unlock Your True Potential."

Join us on this remarkable journey towards unlocking your true potential and achieving unparalleled success in your profession. Don't let another day go by without taking the leap towards the wealth and freedom you deserve.

Reserve your spot now!

"Top Producing Global" live virtual event. Choose any 3rd Saturday of the month for up to a year. Together, we will revolutionize your sales and leadership career and pave the way for a future of abundance and fulfillment.

Act now and secure your seat today!

Unlock your path to wealth and freedom with our transformative event, 'Top Producers Global'! Secure your ticket now and gain access to our exclusive reservation system, allowing you to reserve your spot on any 3rd Saturday of the month throughout the entire year.

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Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and invest in your future today. By securing your ticket, you'll be one step closer to accelerating your journey towards success and achieving your goals. Don't miss out – reserve your ticket now and get ready for a life-changing experience!


8 Hour Training & Overview


10am to 5pm PST

  • Sales and Influence Skills!

  • The Basics of N.L.P. Neuro Lingustic Programmng

  • Sales and Influence Skills!

$497 - Value


Limited Spots available, Act Now.

Success Stories and Breakthroughs!

Marty Rodriguez # 1 Real Estate Agent in the history of the Century 21 System, shares Breakthroughs

Gabe Mendez - Top 1% Realtor, EXP, shares his breakthroughs with Kaya’s Top Producers Global programs

John Shin Financial Analyst & Producer of Think & Grow Rich The Legacy shares his breakthroughs

Christian Fuentes broker owner REMAX TOP PRODUCERS.

Mya Dobson Partner, NEW YORK LIFE, Shares her wins and breakthroughs

What is N L P - Interview with Les Brown on KFWB NewsTalk 980

Mayor Paul Leon City of Ontario, California. His team's Breakthroughs in Leadership Conflict Resolution

Angel & Patty Hernandez Top Producer Realtors in Whittier, CA. Discuss Breakthroughs and GTATransform training.

Matthew Rodis became # 1 in the US in Production, he Tripled his Production with Breakthroughs

Sofia Chacon Covarrubia Operating Partner Keller Williams The Lakes & College Park.

Keller Williams Beverly Hills Josh Spitzen. Growth and Breakthroughs

Paramesvaran Operating Partner & Jeremy Herider - CEO. Breakthroughs

Thank you Kaya Redford for your amazing NLP presentation here at Century 21 Allstars, Our agents will be more productive through the knowldege you provided them!

Joseph Villaescusa

CEO Century 21 Allstars

The #1 Century 21 office

in the WORLD!

Tigran Basmadjyan became the # 1 office in the New York Life system after our training.

Tigran Basmadjyan

New York Life

Garain Jones & Brian D. Holifield - # 1 fastest growing team in Herbalife because of GTATransform training.

Garain Jones & Brian D. Holifield

Project Manager

NEW AMERICAN FUNDING - Scott Groves, Branch Manager & Robert Trujillo. Takeaways and breakthroughs

Matt Ahlmann & Frank Castanos PRMG Paramount Residential Mortgage Group. Breakthroughs

Dave Powers Manager, Prospect Mortgage. Breakthroughs in sales leadership mastery.

Brett Reichel - Branch Manager of Finance of America, Ontario, CA. Breakthroughs

Christopher Trapani - Leader - Bay Equity Home Loans, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Breakthroughs

Tony Robbins Trainer - Eli Wilhide. N L P Breakthroughs with Top Producers Global.

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